1. What does Ty Mawr mean?
  2. What does Ty Mawr Classics manufacture?
  3. How many images can be used?
  4. What kind of reference material can be used?
  5. Can something be added or deleted from the sent image?
  6. Can the art department supply images the customer doesn't have like bicycles, trees, flowers?
  7. Where do I send my material?
  8. How long for an initial sketch?
  9. How long for the computer generated sketch?
  10. How long for a sample of our pattern?
  11. How long until I receive my order?
  12. Who pays for shipping?
  13. How do you ship?
  14. How are the goods packaged?
  15. What are the care instructions?
  16. What is your pricing and minimum orders for your products?
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