Welcome to the world of Ty Mawr Classics where we custom design cotton throws, tapestry throws, and several other JacQuard woven tapestry products.

Ty Mawr Classics was started in 1991 by Michelle Wherry in Granville, Ohio. With head artist Sue Scarpitti the first community, Granville, Ohio was custom designed into a functional two layer coverlet: December 13, 1991.

Since then thousands of organizations in communities, high schools and universities have utilized this idea of capturing their history into woven form. By using the product as a fundraiser these organizations across America and worldwide (American military posts) have made tremendous profits for their communities and put the money back into the community as scholarship funds, building restoration, computer equipment, band uniforms, etc.

Ty Mawr, means "Big House" or "Large Home" in Welsh and takes its name from the house Michelle Wherry lived in at 235 N. Pearl St. in Granville, Ohio. That house was built by a Welsh carpenter in 1834 and the name Ty Mawr

is on the front of the house.

Ty Mawr custom designs coverlets and tapestries for businesses, local, state and national organizations. Over the years Ty Mawr's past and current clients include: Lewis and Clark Bicentennial, Ohio's Bicentennial, Oklahoma's Centennial, The Kroger Company, Quaker Oats, Anhueser Busch, RJR Tobacco Company, BT Office Products (Wishbone), Raytheon, Delco, Eagle Air, The Red Cross, The Shriners, and many national and international communities and organizations, high schools and universities.

We look forward to doing business with you.

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